Double Girder Bridge Cranes

Double Girder Bridge Cranes

Double girder bridge cranes are utilized in heavier capacities, longer spans, and heavier duty cycle service.  These cranes are available as beam cranes for capacities less than 30 tons and spans shorter than 60 ft.  Box cranes are utilized for capacities greater than 30 tons and spans greater than 60 ft.  Top running are the most common, however, under running are available in certain circumstances depending on available headroom and lifting capacity.

Standard features include:

  •    – Electric wire rope hoist
  •    – Fixed or rotating axle end truck design
  •    – Festooned push button control
  •    – Safety yellow industrial enamel finish

Standard options include:

  •    – Radio Control
  •    – Epoxy Paint for corrosive environments
  •    – Maintenance platforms
  •    – Cab control